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Help a female novice gain experience in the trade

Traditionally a male-dominate arena, the building and home repair/home improvement sector can be a tough space for women to gain a foothold and get started on their desired career path. There is a myriad of reasons why this is the case – from a lack of confidence to an anxiety about not being taken seriously.

But the truth is, right now in the UK there are countless females of all ages who have the talent, ability and drive to succeed in their trade of choice. All they need is a little assistance in making those important first steps.

This is where our Help a Novice programme comes in. Are you a homeowner who is eager to help other women in your area to acquire experience, and confidence in the trade? All you have to do is opt in to our directory of novices and choose which novice you would like to contact in your area. Novice Membership



Every year

Valid until canceled

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How does our Help a Novice Programme work?

There is £5 membership fee to access to the programme

Once you, as a novice, are listed on the directory, we’ll be in touch to present you with opportunities with female tradespeople in your local area.

The experience is a collaborative one that benefits both parties:

As the customer, you will arrange to hire a novice female tradesperson to allow them to gain important on the job experience. In turn, you will benefit from labour at a lower cost than paying a skilled professional, and further hone your skills as a trainer and advocate for female tradespeople.

As the novice, you will experience a taster of the domestic trade world. From there, you could find yourself taking on more challenging projects, establishing your own way of working, and growing your own business to success!

The age requirement is from 18-80!

We're happy to help you in getting started, so please do get in contact with us if you'd like to find out more about the programme.

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Start your career in construction the right way with

giving you access to 100s of UK, female fronted businesses that are offering novice placements for people like you right now.

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