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So, who are

We’re a brand new business with extensive ties and contacts within the domestic, trade and construction sectors – and we have one, singular goal, to represent the best of the best when it comes to female fronted businesses in the UK – and make sure it’s easier and quicker than ever for you to find and contact those businesses. Whatever trade you need. Wherever you are based.

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A one-stop shop

Providing a platform for tradeswomen all over the UK

The idea for arose when we took a step back to view the UK domestic renovation industry as a whole, and acknowledged just how under represented women were across the sector.


The truth of the matter is that women just don’t have the same level of recognition as men, and yet there are so, so many highly skilled and novice female traders in the field who deserve to be recognised and given the platform they need.

What’s more, the demand for female tradespeople and women owned and run businesses has never been higher. With, we’re not only providing a platform for those tradespeople but we’re making it easier than ever for their future customers to find and contact them!

So whether you are novice looking for a starting block for your career, or an established trader seeking to broaden your reach, there is a place for you on

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Meet the team behind

Shonaz Farrow

Female Builder grew organically through my thoughts of one day doing luxury interior design and renovations, and so I needed a women-led team with like minded ideas to have my back and join me.

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Find female fronted business near you with

the UK’s number 1 directory for female traders in the construction and trade sector.

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